Adventures Of Maxx The Wonderdog

It’s a Dog’s life…by Maxx

I am still in “temporary housing” as I begin this communication. While everyone here is wonderful, it is not MY optimal situation.  First of all, while SHE calls it “being able to run with the BIG dogs” ( I share MY space with two German Shepards with whom I am evidently loosely related ???), you read it sharing .    I am accustomed to being an only “child” and doing things MY way.  So, one really windy day when the fence to the backyard blew over, I took it as a sign; these dogs needed an adventure and I was just the one to show them how to experience one.  Running with the BIG dogs would have a whole new meaning for HER. Astray I led them,our merry group of three, together weighing in at about 265 pounds. Evidently, when people see that much dog marching by with no humans, they don’t mess with you. We ventured quite aways before some ‘nice’ lady decided that we were, in fact, rogue and possibly in trouble.  She checked MY collar (possibly because I looked the least scary of our Gang of Three) and then said the words we escapees had all been dreading to hear, “I’m contacting your owners”. Rut-Ro! Busted before we had a chance to create mayhem. Oh, well, I had shared some of MY expertise gained by living on a farm to those city dogs who were rewarded by…their owners building a better, escape-proof fence. Oops!   I am now back at home but discovered two things on MY most recent journey; there really IS no place like home and family, however loosely defined, is a great thing.


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